“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”

This quote by Debby Boone inspired a group of 13 women to join together and form a women’s giving circle in the spring of 2009. They wanted to impact their community now and in the future by identifying what needs in Georgetown were not being met and providing a philanthropic path to address those needs.

The name they selected represents the idea of many small seeds being planted to grow into something strong that benefits its surroundings. Seeds of Strength was born.

The Giving Circle provides the opportunity for individuals to come together, combine their dollars in a shared fund, and through a voting process collectively decide where to give the money. Grant Award Night is powerful! Each member is eligible to vote for the nonprofit agency she wants to receive funding.

The first year, in June of 2010, five nonprofits were awarded $55,000.  Over the next seven years, Seeds of Strength continued to grow.  This year, 2021, $185,000 was distributed to eight local nonprofits.  Since its inception, Seeds of Strength has awarded $1,723,000 to nonprofit agencies in our community.

Our education events and gatherings support our members understanding of philanthropy.  Together we share in the joy of giving.

Seeds of Strength is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Our Team

2021-2022 Seeds of strength board

  • Stephanie Blanck, Member at Large
  • Terri Boroczk, Member at Large
  • Kelly Linder, Compliance Chair
  • Amanda Still, Communications Chair
  • Cindy Harrington, Treasurer
  • Marsi Liddell, Incoming Chair
  • Susie Logan, Chair
  • Janelle McNeil, Secretary
  • Karron Wilson, Immediate Past Chair & Nominations Chair
  • Ann Kaiser, Events Chair
  • Pam Carlson, Grants Chair
  • Gabriele Madison, Membership Chair
  • Nancy Biggs, Member at Large
  • Katrina King, Member at Large
  • Patty Moore, Member at Large (not pictured)
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