Our Committees

The following committees support the mission of Seeds of Strength. All members are invited to share their unique skills and talents within a committee, if they choose to do so. If you would like more information about joining a committee click here.  Members are under no obligation to join a committee.  
Grants Committee

Members of the Grants Committee meet during the grant cycle, from January until grants are awarded in the Spring. Members review and score the grant applications and participate in selecting the grant finalists. All members of the grants committee must attend training in order to be qualified to read and evaluate grant applications.

Members work with the Events Committee to plan and implement the Voting and Awards Reception. They also work with the Communications Committee to publicize the event on the website and with emails to the membership.

*No member of SoS will be eligible to read or evaluate grants unless she has attended training.

Communications Committee

Members of the Communications Committee ensure that Seeds of Strength is well known and positively viewed in Georgetown and the surrounding areas. Members gather and convey accurate, timely information about Seeds of Strength both internally, to and from the membership, and externally, to and from the public. This includes information posted on the Seeds of Strength website, disseminated electronically via email, posted on Facebook, and publicized in local newspapers and magazines. Members work closely with other committees to gather and disseminate information.  Roles on the Committee include the Chair, the Webmaster, the Publicity Manager, the Facebook Manager, the Communications Editor, the Blog Manager, Blog Writers and the Database Manager.

Events Committee

Members of the Events Committee plan and implement all events scheduled by the Seeds of Strength Board of Directors. There are currently five annual events sponsored by SoS.

  • February: Wine, Women, Chocolate and Giving
  • March/April:  SoS 101
  • April/May:  Voting and Awards Reception
  • September:  Annual Membership Luncheon
  • November:  Harvest Fest

Members of this committee complete a variety of tasks to ensure the success of each event e.g., they select each venue, decide the date and time, determine the style of invitation/decorations, select the menu, contact speakers if needed, and work with the Board of Directors to determine the cost to members, when appropriate. At each event, committee members decorate and set up the venue, prepare the registration table, greet attendees, and clean up.

Membership Committee

Members of the Membership Committee keep accurate membership records and help members connect with a committee, if they desire committee involvement. Members implement strategies for growing membership and retaining current members. In addition, members help with recruitment “gatherings” throughout the year. The Committee consists of the Chair and/or Co-Chair and may include up to six additional members.

Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee are responsible for recruiting candidates and presenting a slate of officers and proposed Guiding Circle members for the upcoming year. The Committee is comprised of the Immediate Past Chair, additional Past Chairs serving on the Guiding Circle, and two other members of the Board of Directors appointed by the Chair.

Compliance Committee

Members of the Compliance Committee provide a communication link with grantees with the objective of ensuring contract compliance. The Committee consists of a Chair and several additional members. Each committee member will be the “Community Partner Liaison” for one or more grantee depending on the size of the committee, the number of grantees, and other potential factors. When members communicate with grantees; they promote the idea that their role is to assist and facilitate.

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